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Diaconate Ministry

Diaconate- the office or period of office of a deacon or deaconess, an official body; comes from the Greek word, ‘to serve’.
The Diaconate Ministry at Blessed Trinity Christian Ministries West is a group of appointed people, men and women, who serve under the leadership and spiritual direction of the pastor and are loyal to their pastor in prayer support, encouragement and fellowship. The Blessed Trinity Christian Fellowship church looks to the pastor for giving overall leadership and administration to the church and its ministry. The office of a Diaconate demands a high level of commitment, a mature knowledge of the faith and dedication to fellowship and service. The church therefore expects the Diaconate to respect the office of Pastor and to welcome the unique opportunity to learn from and serve with the pastor. As a  Diaconate functions in the practical ministry of the church, the Pastor is freed to give attention to prayer and the ministry of the Word.
The Diaconate is committed to service in and for the Church, a group which has its roots in the New Testament. [Acts 6:1-7; Philippians 1:1 and I Timothy 3:8-13] .

These scriptures define the qualifications in three categories:
o        Full of the Holy Spirit
o        Full of wisdom
o        Full of faith
o        Worthy of respect
o        Sincere
o        Not indulging in much wine
o        Not pursuing dishonest gain
o        The husband of one wife; wife of one husband
o        Managing children and household well
o        Assistance with new member assimilation
o        Loyal support of the pastor and staff
o        Faithful attendance at the services of the church
o        Encouragement of and participation in the ministries of the church
           – Fulfillment Hour, Bible Study, Evangelism Outreach and others as established
o        A consistent commitment to stewardship
o        Personal evangelism among the lost and visitation of the sick, shut-in’s, and the membership
o        Regular attendance at the meetings of the Diaconate